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Fantastic little dungeon adventure put together so well.

Good luck DEVS


Nice, the storyline was great and the overal graphical look of the game is pretty good. I did find it a tad hard and damn knows why but here's a quick play.

Great work Devs

Thanks Devs

I will play it again though


Thank you !! <3 :D


Looks great, plays great! too bad platformers make me RAGE 


Honestly, the visuals are soooooooo damn good, i mentioned this earlier (in the video) and i will say it again, the art is close to ubisoft type. Oh and props for incorporating 3D objects in there (i assume the sword trap and axes are 3D objects)

I really loved how you would have use the falling blocks to essentially "disarm" traps (i found that out far too late lol), i did not, however, like the rage inducing aspect of it lol, i spent like 30 mins on the 3rd last level, only to give up lol 

can i play with a keyboard and mouse?

it's really all i have


yeah, i played it with a keyboard and a mouse,  it worked just fine :D

aw thanks bro!♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

i'm a lets player on youtube so need the deets.

same, i too am a letsplayer (a very small one but one nevertheless lol)
Glad i could help :) 


I really like the polish and all of the little details (like his eyes following the movement of the traps), however I think that the level design tends to be unfair sometimes. I've also encountered stages where I was dependent on blocks falling down to accelerate axes. Sometimes the blocks just wouldn't want to fall down, sometimes the axes would actually get slower. I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't that frustrating.

Disclaimer: I haven't finished the game because it frustrated me that much.


Thank you for reviewing our game and giving us direct feedback we sincerely appreciate it ! However we would like to note that each level can be solved with a multitude of ways and it never relies on blocks altering the momentum of axes plus the traps are always visible for the player to see :) We erge you to give it another chance but this  time keep in mind that you really have to think before you do any action :D there have been some players that died as few as 2 times during the whole playthrough of the demo ! :D 

PS: make sure you were not playing the game in hell mode .. hell mode is too hard even for us ..


*rurr* This was a pretty fun game, very familiar to Spelunker - Very polished, very few nitpicks, can't wait for moar.


Thank you so much for the video and the analytical feedback in it ! We are glad to see you enjoyed it ! 


I think this is a really well polished game! The controls are easy to use.  The graphics are amazing and, the little ghosts where you have died are funny and, a welcome addition!

Thank you so much for playing our game and for giving us feedback! :D


This game was super awesome and super frustrating at times, but I loved every but of it! Amazing job, I cant wait for the full version!

Thank you so much for the feedback and for playing our game ! :D